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From the concept of energy preservation the view on possibilities regarding the use of (residual) heat from cooling installations or ventilation air has increased considerably.

A good example is the heat pump. This is basically a cooling installation, where in particular the hot side is used. With every cooling process heat is expelled. This heat consists of the energy the evaporator has picked up, in addition to the electrical energy for the propulsion of the cooling compressor. This makes the heat pump very efficient. With just a small amount of electrical energy large quantities of heat can be generated.

Heat pumps exist in a range of models. They can both heat air and water, making them suitable for hot (drinking) water of utilising in conjunction with floor heating.


Heat recovery ventilation units are responsible for a significant amount in heating expenses of a building. In the necessary ventilation of buildings they used to transport a lot of warm air outside. With HR ventilation units the heat of the extracted air is transferred to the fresh outside air that is blown into the building. This delivers an important contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings.

HE techniek often uses HR ventilation units in conjunction with satellite air conditioning systems. This application allows the user to create individual climate zones.

Heat recovery from cooling processes offer a very interesting option for companies that require both cooling and hot water. For instance the meat processing sector, where cooled work areas are cleaned with hot water at the end of the day. Also heat recovery for floor heating or radiators can be linked for an efficient heating in winter time.


HE techniek has realised several heat recovery projects. Would you like to know whether this could be interesting for you, just contact us and we can assess your situation.

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