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Mandenmakerstraat 92b
3194 DG Hoogvliet.
Bedrijvenpark Gadering.
Havennummer 3103

tel: 010-2950229
fax: 010-2950228

e-mail: info @ he-techniek .nl


Below you can find a number of clients divided by industry where HE techniek has supplied services. Some projects are detailed through the links or on our referral page.
On our Facebook page you can find regular status notifications of current projects or news reports.

Food Industry / Agriculture
- Jadico spices
- De Zeeuw’s meat products (cooling and freezing stores)
- Wanders distillery (liquid cooler with heat recovery)
- Intertaste sauces and spices (dry grind installation and air treatment weighing kitchen)
- Fruit convention company Hordijk
- Flora Holland Bleiswijk
- Intratuin

- Lyondell Basell chemicals
- Aquon waterlab
- Alcontrol laboratories
- Sybolt laboratories
- AJB instruments
- Intermail Prepost Nieuw Vennep (modification rooftop airco production hall)

- Radarport facilities Amsterdam
- Based-Inn business units
- Metropool 1 and 2 Hoogvliet
- Dura Vermeer construction
- Hilton Den Haag
- Markthal Rotterdam

Health Care
- Zorgcentrum de Zellingen
- Stichting Ouderenhuisvesting Rotterdam
- Kinderopvang Hoogvliet / Plein Nul 10
- Dentist v/d Heijden
- De Binnenweg Pharmacy (HR ventilation in combination with VRF air conditioning system)
- Veterinarians Midden Brabant

- Allseas engineering (dryer installation welding consumable store)
- Nordic tankers (replacement heat exchanger)
- South End tanker management
- Rotterdam Ship repair
- Spido Rotterdam
- Thalassa Partyschepen Schoonhoven

- Municipality of Rotterdam
- Police dept. Midden en West-Brabant
- Fire dept. Krimpen
- GGD Rotterdam Rijnmond

Retail & small business
- Boot leather articles
- Butchery Ton Winter
- Drugstore de Koning Zoetermeer
- Eduard Pelger men’s fashion Den Haag (large VRF air conditioning system in the city center)
- Azami optics Den Haag

- Chinese restaurant Gouden Kroon Hoogvliet
- Pizzeria Gallo d’Oro Vlaardingen
- De IJssalon Rotterdam (heat recovery in freezing installations)
- Lunchrestaurant Huson Rotterdam
- Restaurant de Schelvenaer Krimpen a/d IJssel
- Restaurant Wevershoeve Ridderkerk

Private Individuals
- Condominium Westpoint Tilburg (indoor water cooled multi-split airco)
- Condominium Charloisse Hoofd Rotterdam (airco pipelines installed invisibly)
- Condominium Zalmhaven Rotterdam
- Montevideo Rotterdam
- Historical building Schiedam (indoor installed air cooled outdoor unit)

If you would like to know more about a certain project or application, you can contact us through the contact page.

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