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Mandenmakerstraat 92b
3194 DG Hoogvliet.
Bedrijvenpark Gadering.
Havennummer 3103

tel: 010-2950229
fax: 010-2950228

e-mail: info @ he-techniek .nl


Refrigerating and freezing installations in many shapes and sizes form the base of HE techniek. This is where the passion for the job has its origin. Design and construction of cooling installations almost always entail systems that cannot be purchased “off the rack”. The installations are designed and build to specification.
We examine the desired application with you, the product to be cooled, and the optional features like temperature control, automatic data-logging and / or heat recovery.

cold stores
HE techniek builds modular cooling and freezing stores with accompanying installations. With larger stores or custom work in insulation builds we co-operate with the company Thermodoors and products from Heenvliet. This opens a wide range of possibilities in both implementation as completion.

process cooling
Also for preparation of cold (of warm) processing water HE techniek can offer installations made to specification. Depending on the application factory produced products are utilised, or a complete custom design will be build.

low temperature systems
In particular for laboratories HE techniek offer a repair service for so-called cascade cooling systems. These deep coolers operate at temperatures down to -80°C, and contain the special refrigerant R23 in the low temperature stage. We have this refrigerant in stock allowing us to repair your equipment in our workshop, or at your location.

commercial cooling equipment
Apart from specific custom made products HE technology also delivers standard factory equipment like wall refrigeration cabinets, counters, cooling and freezing boxes, ice cube and flake ice machines etc. This equipment is typically plug-and-play but can also be delivered with a separately prepared cooling unit. Of course we have selected manufacturers with the same quality aspirations as HE techniek, which lets us deliver and place this equipment with the same service as for our custom made products.

design and construction requirements
All installations are build out of components from leading manufacturers, which guarantees a dependable and efficient cooling installation. In the choice of refrigerant we do not only assess the applications, but also the future plans for this refrigerant. Based on European law the so-called high GWP cooling agents are less popular. These are refrigerants with a high contribution to the greenhouse effect when they enter the environment. To prevent these emissions or to minimize them, and to meet all safety measures that are required of cooling installations, our installations are always build to the current laws and regulations, like the PED, de F-gas regulation and EN 378-2 design and construction demands. This is also guaranteed within our NVKL-certification.

Form January 1st 2015 installations may not be refilled with R22 or substances that are based on R22. We know from experience a lot of installations still operate on R22. We can convert these installations for you to an alternative refrigerant. For more information you can contact us.

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