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Mandenmakerstraat 92b
3194 DG Hoogvliet.
Bedrijvenpark Gadering.
Havennummer 3103

tel: 010-2950229
fax: 010-2950228

e-mail: info @ he-techniek .nl


Air conditioning
A pleasant climate for living or working can be realised very well with the air conditioning systems of HE techniek. Although we have mastered the “standard” installations very well, it is the selection of “specials” that bring the added value of HE techniek to the forefront.

The specials distinguish themselves by a special applications, or a difficult pipeline. If you cannot place a unit outdoors, we will revise the equipment to a water or air cooled indoors set-up. Another part of our “specials” is the method of integrating the equipment in your interior, and the creative removal of lines.
With over 25 years of experience in several air conditioning systems we are able to give you good advice, and deliver the equipment at your company and put them into service.

Several years ago HE techniek has made a choice for air conditioning systems made by Toshiba. The pursuit of a high quality of HE techniek fits very well with the service and solutions of Toshiba. There is a wide selection of models available, and warranty terms are possible up to 5 years all-in. Starting at a simple wall mounted model up to a comprehensive VRF system with a large number of indoor units, all available from the Toshiba line of products. Toshiba also features a quick parts service, which creates the possibility for quick repairs. For more information about the models and features you can visit the Toshiba website by following this link:  www.toshiba-airconditioner.nl

Air Handling
Apart from smaller air conditioning systems HE technology also possesses the technology concerning air handling units. This are typically larger units that are placed on a roof or in a technical area, and provide the ventilation for an entire building. In conjunction with a partner with expertise in building automation, we can provide the “hardware” of the installation.

Rooftop units
Many buildings and industries are still equipped with so-called rooftop units. These are units where the cooling installation and the ventilation part are integrated in one unit. The disadvantage of these installations is the often cheap productions values, what translates into a shorter life span and a higher energy consumption.

HE techniek converts these rooftop installations into inverter controlled cooling units. By applying Toshiba controller units and associated outdoor units we can modify the existing installation, what leaves the underlying duct flow system intact. This allows all the advantages of inverter technology, like a more stable air temperature, stepless part-load operation, lower start-up currents and increased energy efficiency.


Starting at January 1st 2014 the EPBD has been in effect. The EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) is a regulation that dictates air conditioning installations with a total power output of 12 kW or more have to be checked periodically. The goal is to document the energy consumption of these installations, and to advise how this energy consumption can be reduced, or the installation can be made more efficient.
Installations older than 10 years have to be checked before December 31st 2014. Installations older than 5 years before December 31st 2015.
HE techniek has been certified as one of the first in The Netherlands to conduct these inspections.

You can find more information about the EPBD on www.aircokeuring.nl (Dutch)

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