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Mandenmakerstraat 92b
3194 DG Hoogvliet.
Bedrijvenpark Gadering.
Havennummer 3103

tel: 010-2950229
fax: 010-2950228

e-mail: info @ he-techniek .nl


Below you can read a short description of some realised projects.

Project: Cooling and freezing stores
Contractor: De Zeeuw’s meat products
Description: Expansion freezing capacity


Project: Liquid cooling with heat recovery
Contractor: Distillery Wanders
Description: Expansion capacity temperature treatment vodka after introducing the brand Trump Wodka.

Project: Dry mill installation and air treatment weighing kitchen
Contractor: Intertaste sauces and spices
Description: Air drying installations based on cooling and reheating.

Project: Modification rooftop airco production hall
Contractor: Intermail Prepost
Description: Modification of rooftop air conditioners by implementing Toshiba inverter units.

Project: HR ventilation in combination with VRF air conditioning system
Contractor: Binnenweg pharmacy
Description: Complete renovation of cooling, heating and ventilation system.

Project: Drying installation for welding materials
Contractor: Allseas engineering
Description: Dry installation for the storage of welding materials at the pipe laying vessel Solitaire

Project: Replacing heat exchanger HVAC
Contractor: Nordic tankers S/A
Description: Reproduction and replacement of a heat exchanger block at a HVAC unit on board.

Project: Large VRF air conditioning system in the city centre of Den Haag
Contractor: Eduard Pelger men’s fashion
Description: Supply and assembly of a central VRF air conditioning system for offices, storage facility and retail space, divided over four floors.

Project: Heat recovery on cooling installations
Contractor: IJssalon Rotterdam
Description: Apply heat recovery on existing cooling installations in order to prepare hot (drinking) water.

Project: Indoor water cooled multi-split airco
Contractor: Consumer, Westpoint Tilburg
Description: Because there was no option to place an outdoor unit we converted a Toshiba multi-split outdoor unit into a water cooled unit. (indoor installed)

Project: Airco pipelines installed invisibly
Contractor: Emergency Control BV
Description: Client did not want pipelines to be visible. Therefore the lines were hidden in the screeds and behind façade panels. Outdoor unit was painted to colour.

Project: Indoor air cooled multi-split
Contractor: ILA consultancy
Description: In an old historical building where outdoor components were impossible, we created a possibility by placing the unit indoors, and aerating it by separate ducts and an external fan.

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