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Mandenmakerstraat 92b
3194 DG Hoogvliet.
Bedrijvenpark Gadering.
Havennummer 3103

tel: 010-2950229
fax: 010-2950228

e-mail: info @ he-techniek .nl


Remediation literally means “to make healthy again”. By remediating old cooling installations we can create operationally reliable installations, which also minimize the risk for emission of ozone layer affecting or greenhouse gasses, and increase the energetic returns of the installation.

In practice we often come across installations that are kept in operation by “symptom alleviation”. During malfunctions only required repairs are conducted, without “scanning” the installation and inspection for possible defects. HE techniek takes care of a complete inspection of the installation, and not just that single point that can cause an occasional malfunction.

Subsequently a rapport is composed with a description of the installation status and improvements are suggested. We always compose a non-committal price quote beforehand so there will be no unpleasant surprises. After performing these remediation operations even an old installation can be granted conditional warranties.

An installation for remediation will be inspected for:

- possible leakages of refrigerant
- type of refrigerant (future probability availability)
- correct piping and diameters
- assembly discrepancies (both mechanical and electrical)
- insulation values
- power consumption
- operational pressures and temperatures
- condition of components and the expected life span
- settings of measurement, control and security equipment

Our remediation concept has been operational for over 15 years. At the moment it shares a lot of similarities with the EPBD-advice. A prescient view... also benefits your installation.

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